Vanilla & Other Flavors

We had a musical Sunday yesterday, so we'll skip over musical Monday today, but there's a trivial musical reference in our post today. As the week begins, we're thinking about spicing up your life with a salty, sweet and tart margarita. Only $3 today and tonight. $4 Baker + Butcher sandwiches will keep you happy. Add a little flavor to the start of your week at Bacchus Waikiki! :-)

When gay men complain boredom has set into the bedroom dynamic, they often claim that it’s because the sex is “vanilla”. In truth, it’s more likely detachment has set in because the couple has being doing the same thing over and over again – often in unequal ways.

Contrary to what some might think, vanilla can be powerfully erotic.

This happens when the experience is not rushed but instead, savored for every moment it has to offer. When you are making out with a guy or doing more, allow yourself to live in the now and experience him for who he is – not the fantasy of what you think it should be.

Eroticism is a natural state of energy. It can’t be manufactured and it can’t be magically conjured up. It’s either there or it isn’t. You can’t reach a place of eroticism unless the basics of mindful awareness are mastered.

Sex is best when you follow the advice of Rob VanWinkle when he opens his rap (after "Yo! V.I.P."):

"All right stop! Collaborate and listen!"

Hope to see you at the bar today. ;-) Word to your mother....LOL.