Summer Has A Sound

It's Thursday, so is it official? It's Memorial Day weekend! We'll get some much-needed extra days off and it means

summer kicks off at approximately…now.

Well, not officially - that happens on the solstice (June 20th at 6:24pm). But this extended holiday weekend has always been the unofficial harbinger of summer. What does summer mean to you?

On Throwback Thursday, we think of the songs of past few summers:

The not-so-trivial title "Song of the Summer" is officially granted by Billboard magazine in September of every year.

And we wonder about this summer's contenders. What do you think of these five below?

Lorde avoids cliches both musically and thematically, crafting pop music that's neither obnoxiously bubbly nor overtly somber. Instead she exists in a fascinating middle ground.

Look, this song is dumb, but Lil Yachty is the personification of your mind after four hours of day drinking in the sun.

The forecasters say she's long overdue for a big breakout pop hit. Could this be the year for the 24 year old Cyrus?

Twin Peaks fans aren't the target consumers for the Song of the Summer, but having appeared in the new season of the cult hit, this might be the breakthrough moment Chromatics were created for.

From Esquire: There's always room for at least one ballad to become a Song of the Summer. And this year, the best contender is for Harry Styles' breezy album opener "Meet Me in the Hallway." With nostalgic Pink Floyd vibes and a wistful slide guitar solo, it's a beautiful companion for a warm sunset.

It might be a song we don't even know yet! But relax at Bacchus today and enjoy $5 tequila, throwback tunes and a good time. :-)