Day Drinking

Many will be spending this afternoon at Bacchus socializing, having fun and relaxing with a few drinks while raising money at the same time for the Hawaii Gay Flag Football League.

Here are some practical things you need to consider and steps you need to take to make sure you have a great time:

Once you decide you will be day drinking it's very important to be at least reasonably intelligent the night before. Let's assume you have. :-) It's important to start today with some food.

Regular old breakfast food. Don't try to get cute here with the triple cheeseburger or the bowel-angering huevos rancheros. Eggs, potatoes, and bacon are a good base. Fortified breakfast cereals, bagels or fruit are also excellent choices. They help set a base for your tummy. No shots at breakfast or brunch. That's just not a good idea.

Arrive at Bacchus around 1PM and prepare for some fun and festivities.

Purchase your cup when you arrive (the money goes to help fund the HIGFFL and their travel team The Honolulu Riptide). Choose from the twelve tap beers and begin to pace yourself (note the time). One beer per 45 minutes to an hour will keep you buzzed and alert.

Supplement your beer drinking with some food. Get a grilled hamburger or hotdog. Vitamin B (found in beef and cheese) will help fighting off the hangover before it happens.

Then, more beer. At this point, beer will act to fill up your stomach to the point where you don't even really want that much more beer. This is good; it's time to start slowing things down. There'll be $1 Jell-O shots and raffle tickets to spend your money on.

Remember, it's all for a good cause. ;-) When it's all over (the Beer Bust ends at 6PM), go get some carbs. The starches help absorb the alcohol and make your hangover less likely.

When retiring tonight, drink water, seltzer (club soda), or Gatorade. Then more water. And more water than that. You might be up and down peeing all night, but it'll get you prepped for tomorrow's holiday get together at Ft. DeRussy Beach Park.

We're looking forward to seeing you today.