Pickup Secret #4

You know the feeling. You're out at Bacchus and you spot that sexy guy from the beach. So hot! How will you approach him? Breathe deep, then go right over and introduce yourself and...

Make him laugh!

“I have seen men leave the bar with guys that I thought would never happen. The reason is simple; the guy made him laugh.”

Why does it work? The atmosphere becomes lighter and both relax.

Making someone laugh is a sure way to gain their trust and make him attracted to you. More men have been successful from playing the funny guy when flirting than any other strategy. Anyone can be funny. Try these pointers:

A. Comment on other people in the room
Try to find groups of people in the room that look completely bored. If it's a group of guys, tell him: “What do you think that is all about? Which one just broke up with his boyfriend?” Or “Look at those poor guys, they are waiting for you to come to them!” Joke around about these people who look like they're having no fun. This will get him to laugh a little and make him be thankful you're there so he isn’t one of the bored people.

Britney Spears?

Sometimes a joke can be the perfect icebreaker. :-)

B. Comment on the music
Say something about the music they are playing. Say something like, “God, when are they going to play my song”? He will ask what song you wanted played. Say some random strange song that is either from the 90’s or some Britney Spears song. He will laugh at this for sure. When you use humor to attract another man, try to be a little goofy about it.

C. Play a funny game
Try coming up with a game where you use the Bacchus surroundings as the rules. For example, play a game like: “is he single or married” where you guess if the men around you are single or have a man at home. Also try playing “does he have a chance”. This is where you look at other guys working it. He will love this one because attractive men are approached all the time.

D. Use alcohol to your advantage
Clearly, alcohol makes everything seem funnier. When you are at Bacchus and the night progresses with more and more drinks, everything will seem more amusing. Keep loose by having a couple, but do not get wasted and embarrass yourself. Flirting generally goes a little better when alcohol is involved as well.

You might just wind up taking the guy home. :-)

And today/tonight is the best opportunity to try it out. Cocktails are 2-4-1 all day and all night and DJ Kuya spins at 10PM. There's never a cover charge.