A Salute to the Super Troopers

Every Thursday at Bacchus our special is tequila for $5. Any tequila. All day. All night. You never know what might happen, maybe you'll see something like this....

Tequila and Star Wars! Sure, why not! Sit back and relax and let the nostalgia wash right down your throat... LOL.

Sure, the term “Throwback Thursday” has been beaten to death in the past few years. But some would argue there's never a more appropriate throwback than a Star Wars throwback. So on this special day, we take a look back at what was happening forty years ago in May, 1977. May the Fourth be with you…

What is it about this movie that fascinates us all? The men and power plays? The brazen Han Solo and the innocent Luke Skywalker are both very sexy in their own ways. The Obi-Wan Kenobi as daddy/coach appeals to some. The white-armored Imperial Stormtroopers draw our gaze with form-fitting chest plates and attention-grabbing bulge covers.

It's the mystery of what's under those white helmets that has always intrigued us.

There's a Star Wars gay fan-fiction site with a fantasy called Anakin's Education that will surely make you blush. Here's a sample:

They lay together enjoying the feel of flesh on flesh until Obi-Wan performed a flip worthy of a man half his age. Using the Force to aid him, he and Anakin ended up on Anakin's cot in reverse position. Now Obi-Wan straddled Anakin, and he wasted no time increasing the heat between them again. Anakin's "member" strained against his stomach until Obi-Wan took him in his hand…

Wow! Let your fantasies run wild. Come to Bacchus today for $5 tequila and $4 Baker + Butcher sandwiches. And May the Fourth Be With You.

Throwing it back for trivia players. The number one song on May 4, 1977 was Hotel California.