Did Somebody Say Wish?

Our weekend wishes for you are: booze, music and fun! Bacchus is the place for all three. Join us today for bloody marys and $6 Jack. Join us tonight at 10PM for the remarkable DJ Takai. The drinks are tasty and there's never a cover charge at Bacchus Waikiki.

When surveyed, the two most common wishes for gay men (over world peace and personal wealth) are:

1. A bigger dick.
2. A better body!

No matter how many times we tell each other we look muscular and attractive, we just don’t believe it.

Some men are convinced that if they achieve six pack abs and sparkling white teeth, they'll have the keys to a successful dating life.  


Your attitude is going to control a lot of your dating success.

If you get rejected by a gay man with an average body because of your personality, then yes, definitely be upset. That’s what’s really shitty.

Being rejected by a beefy hunk on Grindr who doesn’t respond because you got some love handles is not.

Wish? Did somebody say “wish?”
Hey trivia buffs, what show is that from???

We are all different. Bacchus encourages you to be content with yourself. If you have fitness goals, or any other achievement goals, good. Let them be your inspiration. Don't let them be your judge, jury and executioner.

Come to Bacchus to be yourself. Let self-confidence be your mantra. Wishing that guy across the room notices you? A smile is the first step.

Join us early today for Tuki's outstanding take on specialized cocktails. Then mix it up with Andrew from 2-9pm. Finally, enjoy your evening with Malcolm and Brett and DJ Takai.