Waking Up With a Smile

Sometime waking up on a Monday morning, you need a little jolt of happiness. You're alarm goes off, you roll over and hit the snooze button. Click the image below to find out our recommended song to start your day.

And, no, we're not deliberately buzzing you with the popular meme.

We're doing our best to make you smile. Studies have shown that waking up on Monday with a smile on your face is the best way to start your week. No matter if you're solo or paired up.

Rick Astley hit the mid-century mark last June and released a not-so-trivial album titled 50. In an article for Billboard magazine last year, he 'fessed up to being okay with 'Rick Rolling,' saying,

They just needed a cheesy video from the '80s, where some guy's wearing a raincoat. 

And why not? If he can be okay with being a joke to many, we can do our best to have the brightest outlook, too. Try your best to eliminate frowns and sad hangover blues....

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