Space Invaders - (the good kind)

Drink Absolut vodka, any flavor for $6 at Bacchus every Friday, 12pm - 2am. Tonight, DJ Matt works his magic to make you move in a little closer to that sexy man you've been wanting to meet…

SCENARIO: You are flirting with someone at Bacchus. You want to take things up a notch without coming on too strong.


Use your body to flirt…

It's Friday, you've just been introduced to the handsome friend of a friend who's visiting from the mainland. He's smiling at you....somehow, you've been left alone with him. The small talk is going well. You want to signal that you want more…

The circumference of eighteen inches around someone's body is their "intimate space"—a no-go zone when you first meet someone.

But, he's smiling and flirting, so you test the waters and see if he's up for you breaking through, find an excuse to step briefly into this zone—

You lean into him allowing someone behind you to pass.

You reach over his shoulder to wave to a friend across the bar room—then step back out again.

If he's drawn to you, he'll respond by stepping in closer after you've backed away.

Another safe option is to touch his forearm or elbow—it will seem friendly, but not too friendly. Touch magically warms people up to your presence.

If you strike out flirting, take it like a man. It's like that trivial slogan from the movie Edge of Tomorrow: Live. Die. Repeat. LOL. Hopefully not exactly like that.

Come on in to Bacchus today, tonight, tomorrow or any other time this weekend. We've got booze, music and lots of fun in store. And, there's never a cover charge!