Saturday Night Fun!

It's Sunday: Tuki's make-your-own Bloody Mary bar is in full swing today. What will today's optional additions be? Come on in and find out!

The crew of the HIGFFL joined the rest of the crowd at Bacchus last night. They were celebrating the end of another season. Congrats to all the players, referees and fans. And thanks for helping DJ Kuya light up the room with the great energy that comes with your open spirit and spectacular camaraderie.

Click the pics below to enlarge.

Whenever you're in Honolulu, Bacchus is a must. Stop in to our little neighborhood joint in the middle of Waikiki to get a nice martini chilled to perfection or cold tap beer to make your weekend right! An added bonus, the staff are all super nice.

Tomorrow is Trivia Night at Bacchus (starts at 7pm) and if you want some clues to the questions, look though the last two weeks of blog posts for subtle hints. Every time you see a sentence with the word "trivia" or "trivial" or something like it, it's a hint. Like this one:

You may think it's trivial that a group of salamanders is called a congress, we don't. Congressmen are usually slithery. :-) Join us at Trivia Night.