Conjunction Junction

While some Bacchus customers walk right up to the bar and ask for BlowJobs and Screaming Orgasms, a simple two ingredient cocktail may get you to your happy place a bit quicker. Try a:

Rum & Coke • Black & Tan • Gin & Tonic • Dark & Stormy • Nuts & Berries • Scotch & Soda 

and of course…

Any Liquor & Ginger

Beauty and the Beast's Gaston, Luke Evans, agrees. Simple is best. :-)

Which simple cocktail conjunction is your go to? 2-4-1 cocktails every Wednesday at Bacchus is the time to enjoy them.

And since the title of the blog has got you humming the tune anyway, take a trivial look at the Schoolhouse Rock video below (click the pic). Now or later. :-)

Come to Bacchus tonight for a cocktail AND another cocktail. Stay for DJ Vaughn's mixes starting at 10PM. No cover. Always fun.