Under The (Latin) Influence

Why does Latin music turn us on?

The fun beats and musical stylings really do cheer us up and get us in a playful mood. DJ Takai knows how to mix beats to make us sway our hips like there's no tomorrow. Perhaps it's the sensual pelvic movement the percussion invites. Perhaps it's the thrill of reaching out and occasionally touching your partner (or anonymous others) on the dance floor.

The songs are fun. There are plenty of songs with English lyrics, but for the ones in Spanish or Portuguese?...you really don't need to know what they are saying because the rhythm is enough to get you dancing for days.

Or maybe it's just thoughts of sexy Latin hunks like these ones (click to enlarge):

Latin music makes us feel romantic AND happy AND full of life.


Latin music is upbeat, lively, sexy and, best of all, brings people together. Join us tonight for DJ Takai's CONGA.

The beats drop at 10PM (or earlier, if we're lucky) and, as always, there's no cover.