Having Fun at Bacchus!

We here at Bacchus pride ourselves on throwing one of the best parties in town.

Whether its a small gathering to celebrate a graduation, an engagement party, someone's birthday, or you just want to get a group of people together we have a cozy space for you.

We're happy to host your party in the afternoon or evening. Just let one of our staff know in advance. We'll be happy to show you a good time. Yesterday we had an afternoon celebration for a favortie customer/recent HPU grad.

When it comes to responsible day drinking, everyone knows that you start early. Bloody Marys help us with this important social, day-drinking contract. Try Tuki's Fried Chicken Mary at Bacchus today (or any Sunday).

Trivia fans should know this recipe:

but a regular mimosa is the quintessential day drink. It’s appropriate before a wedding, at a baby shower, or for a cheers with your grandma. A mimosa is acceptable wherever and whenever you are.

Here's a recent rhyming mimosa tribute from some other blog:
You can drink them on a boat, or in a pool while you float.
You can have them at a farm next to a Taylor Swift-screaming goat.
They’re perfect at a castle while looking at a moat.
You should especially drink them while wearing a monogrammed tote.
Thank you mimosa, for all that you do for a hangover bloat.
You’re the best, and that’s all I can….wrote.

Strange, that when we were searching for images of Mimosa, these photos popped up. :-)

LOL. We Hawaiians love Jason Momoa (who doesn't?). That last photo in the gallery above is a reminder that tomorrow is our MEN IN UNDERWEAR-themed TRIVIA NIGHT. The fun starts at 7PM and lasts approximately 2 hours. Always a good time!

Join us today or tomorrow or any time for booze, music and lots of fun!