Boxers, Briefs & Trivia!

It's the first Monday of the month! That means Trivia Night (7PM). And every Monday we offer up $3 margaritas and $4 fresh Baker + Butcher sandwiches. It's a wonderful weekday to be at Bacchus. Join us.

“I can’t believe she did that.”

Long before America’s mass preoccupation with Bill Clinton’s crotch area, one high school student had the nerve to ask about it on national television. “Mr. President, all the world’s dying to know,” said Laetitia Thompson, 17, of Potomac Maryland, at an MTV-sponsored forum of 200 young people in April 1994. “Is it boxers or briefs?”

When the laughter died down, Clinton didn’t duck the question: “Usually briefs,” he said. And the modern age of politics began. Whether you think it's trivial or not, politicians try to connect with their constituents in personable ways.

Tonight's Trivia theme is MEN IN UNDERWEAR- and, while the questions will run the gamut from general knowledge to specific facts about undergarments, the theme just makes you think of sexy men in underwear like these guys:

There are performers who sing in their underwear! Click the image below for a cute boppy tune where the singer happily bounces around in his skivvies.

And, since it's Musical Monday, we'll share 3 songs with underwear in the lyrics or title:

#3. I Wanna Be Your Underwear, Bryan Adams

The Lyric: I wanna be your underwear. It’s a terrible song but he sure hits the nail right on the head. He should have just asked to be all for one and one for all and maybe he’d take him up on his proposition.

#2. Underwear, Magnetic Fields

The Lyric (one minute into the song): a pretty boy in his underwear / if there’s a better reason to jump for joy who cares? We love the song but with these lyrics and Stephin Merrit’s dark foreboding voice, doesn’t it kinda sound like Buffalo Bob from Silence of the Lambs is singing? Right?

#1. Underwear, Pulp

The Lyric: The Whole Song is Classic. BEST UNDERWEAR SONG EVER! Enough said.

And here's a bonus track, something to get you revved up for tonight's fun and games:

See you at 7PM for Trivia (if not sooner). It's free and fun and, tonight, it's gonna be super sexy. ;-)