Fools Rushin’

It's 2-4-1 cocktails every Wednesday at Bacchus. Today is the day to try a couple of our 20+ vodkas. Get one, taste it and then get the same drink, but swap out the brand and find the one you like best. Tonight, DJ Kuya will make your hump day quite a bit brighter at 10PM. Join us. No cover. Always fun.

With the headlines today, it's hard to believe that there was a recent time when Americans thought they could influence the politics in Russia.

That Russian Vodka boycott remember it. It was the summer of 2013. Dan Savage and others were calling for a boycott of Russian-owned vodka brands, in particular Stolichnaya and Russian Standard, hoping to hurt Russian businesses with the aim of influencing Russian domestic policy.

The Russian government was cracking down on, and encouraging violence against gays and lesbians. The western world responded with threats of not drinking vodka. Hmm.

Back then, a Bacchus customer ranted on Facebook and Yelp that he'd never come back to Bacchus since he saw Stoli on our shelves during this time. (Fact: Stoli is owned by SPI Group, a private company chartered in Luxembourg. The owner of SPI is a Russian-born billionaire and vocal opponent of Putin. His name is Yuri Shefler and he splits his time between Great Britain, Switzerland and wherever his yacht Serene, one of the largest in the world, takes him..)

The Boycott Outcome:
The boycott of Russian vodka did not hit the people who actually controlled legislative power in Russia. Worse still, it played into lazy notions of nationalism — an "us-versus-them" dynamic that helped the supporters of Russia's anti-gay laws (of which there are many) portray LGBT causes as a corrupt, and under foreign influence. A more vicious crackdown on gays and lesbians followed. Very sad.

Rest assured, you can still drink vodka at Bacchus and know that you're not padding the pockets of a Russian bureaucrat. Here are some vodka facts:

Not All Vodka Is Russian
Great vodka comes from around the world, not just Russia. Trivially, Ketel One is from the Netherlands, Absolut and Svedka are from Sweden, Gray Goose and Ciroc come from France, Sobieski and Belvedere are the pride of Poland. SKYY and our recent vodka try-out Deep Eddy are from the US. Smirnoff, while created in Russia in the 1800s, is now the property of Diageo, a huge British multinational distiller.

Putting Vodka Through a Water Filter Doesn’t Make It Better
There’s no shortcut for making great vodka. Putting cheap vodka through a water filter won’t change the fact that it wasn’t made with the best ingredients. Here’s a foolproof way to improve the vodka you’re drinking: Buy better vodka.

All Vodkas Aren’t Made the Same
Every vodka is different, and it’s not just quality that distinguishes vodkas. The spirit can be made with rye, potato, wheat, grapes and more, and each of these ingredients gives vodka a unique profile. For instance, rye vodka comes with a fresh and lemony aroma, citrusy and nutty flavor and clean, smooth finish.

Join us at Bacchus today and tonight for Booze (vodka or any other beverage), Music (DJ Kuya's magnificent mixes), and Fun (introduce yourself to someone new - see where it goes).