It's Saturday! Cool off with us today and tonight. DJ Matt is back and spins at 10PM. No cover!

Today we give you the eighth installment in our summer Bartender Series. Tim works day shifts at Bacchus, you may recognize him from his sexy stint on our pride float last October.

Your favorite qualities in a man?
Integrity, honesty and humor and goes by the name Bill!

Your favorite qualities in a customer?
Politeness and the ability to engage with the bar staff. One who does not create drama.

Your chief characteristic?
Being amiable.

What you appreciate most in your friends?
Loyalty, honesty and unconditional love.

Your main fault?

Your favorite drink to make?
A martini.

Favorite drink to drink?
Ketel 1 with soda and a twist of lime. 

Your idea of happiness?
Living each day to the fullest and spending time with my family, friends and pets. Not getting bogged down and stressed about society's standards of success. 

If you could be someone else, living or dead, who would you be?
Patsy (Joanna Lumley*) from Absolutely Fabulous.

If you didn't live in Hawaii, where would you like to live?
On the mainland, Oregon. Internationally, Colombia.

Your favorite color?

What people should know about Bacchus that they may not already know?
That Bacchus fosters a very diverse, friendly and supportive community. We all take care of each other like family. 

Thanks Tim! He's a great addition to the Bacchus team. In just a short while, He's built up a big following in just a few months. Come say hello. Ask him about Joanna Lumley's trivial one episode stint on a popular American sitcom in 1996.

Come to Bacchus. DJ Matt is spinning at 10PM. No cover. Always fun!