Make ‘em Laugh

Excess Tequila will make you silly. We don't recommend it. We do recommend a shot or two - and they're only $5 today at Bacchus. July is almost over- have you had enough to drink? :-)

There are many, many ways to define a “good sense of humor.” But you know that feeling you have when you find someone who just “gets” your unique idea of what’s funny? If you've found that, you've struck gold!

Here's 10 reasons why you want to be the guy with the sense of humor.

1. You can go with the flow. If you have a good sense of humor, you probably are also laid back enough to stay calm if something goes wrong. Things don’t always go according to plan, but you know how to adjust, and still get sh*t done.

2. You can laugh things off. So your boyfriend drank a little too much at his friend’s birthday party, and passed out pants-less on the kitchen floor. Instead of freaking out, you’ll snap a picture and trade him breakfast in bed in exchange for you not posting it on Instagram.

3. You don’t take things too seriously. Sometimes good natured teasing can lead to someone going a little too far. But you rarely get offended, and you’re definitely not the type to hold a grudge.

4. You can get along with a lot of different types of people. Even your friend’s new boyfriend whose childhood dream was to be a guest star in an episode of Jackass can sometimes make you crack a smile.

5. You’re capable of looking on the bright side. So you ran into your ex while you were doing the walk of shame in your Jabba the Hutt Halloween costume. But at least it’s a good story!

6. Looks fade, but a sense of humor is forever. Those hot guys who stare vacantly every time someone makes a joke? They might get all the attention at first, but once everyone realizes they have no personality, it will be you that’s stealing the show. All the way to the nursing home.

7. You’re fun to be around. You’re capable of turning even the dullest of parties into a great time. When people need a good laugh, they think of you, and you never disappoint.

8. You can cheer everyone up. You’re definitely the person to call when someone goes through a break up, or is having a hard time at work. Laughter has a way of making people forget their problems, and you’re great at laughter.

9. You laugh at people’s jokes. You can see the humor in almost anything, meaning you’re the one who can appreciate anyone’s unique sense of humor. And everyone automatically likes someone who laughs at their jokes.

10. You’re a challenge because you always have a witty comeback. We don’t always want the guy that makes everything easy for us. We want a guy who has opinions, and will fight back. Intelligent, hilarious banter is the best kind of flirting, and you’re a pro.

Head on up to Bacchus today for $5 tequila. Tell a joke and make someone laugh. You'll be glad you did.