Mondays, Margaritas and magnificent service. That's what you'll get at Bacchus today. Oh, the margaritas are only $3!

July has whizzed right by. We started the month with the return of bartender profiles- and, we were not too surprised at the web traffic and curiosity you had about the staff. There's always something mysterious about a man behind the bar. :-)

Our profiles on Andrew, Bill, Brett, Bryant, Joey, Luke, Malcolm, Tim, and Tuki were just what you wanted.

For August, we're going to bring you more profiles. Customer profiles as we did in November 2015 with the original Bacchus 12. Anthony, Aaron, Butch, Gan, Jantzen, Jerron, Joey, Michael, Raphael, Shadrach, Ty and Willie.

You could be our next profile. :-)

We hope that through our profile series, you can get to know the locals and visitors a little more. If you're interested in answering our questionnaire, click the link below, fill it out and send it back. :-)

Bacchus Questionnaire