Ask Bacchus: Top Contenders?

Below are Bacchus Waikiki's top 5 contenders for song of the summer 2017. Whaddaya think?

Come in and tell us today - we're serving up $2 and $3 tap beer all day and all night. Awesome!

Click the image below to play the video. Let us know your top picks. :-)


Why it’s great: With a list of artists longer than an arm, this track was never going to be anything less than epic. The tune is catchier than chlamydia on a toilet seat in NYC.
Summeriest moment: When Katy Perry chimes in with her “Don’t be afraid to catch feels” line and you’re convinced she’s saying “Don’t be afraid to catch fish”. We love flicking our rod in the summer too, Katy!


Why it’s great: That moment when you  hit the ocean road and slide the top down – that’s what Phoenix have captured on this sublime, sun-dappled track that sounds like 10cc’s ‘I’m Not In Love’ guzzling choc-ices on a Miami Beach lounger.
Summeriest moment:There’s no seasons in LA,” lilts Thomas Mars in the breakdown, sounding ever so slightly mournful.


Why it’s great: This saucy slow-jam is summer at its sultriest, for those nights when you have to have all the windows open and a fan constantly pointed directly at your sweaty bits. Old musical sparring partners Lana and A$AP are never anything less than steamy.
Summeriest moment: The fact that Lana sounds even drowsier than usual during her laid-back lines. Get that girl some antihistamines, stat.


Why it’s great: Brandon Flowers marches back into the fray with the swagger of a Gallagher and the beat of a Bee Gee – and a bull elephant’s balls. This single is among the band’s brightest ever tunes and is boldly applying for the job of dance floor filler of the summer.
Summeriest moment: Those ‘Stayin’ Alive’ harmonies slapped all over the chorus are as Club Tropicana as an inflatable pool sofa.


Why it’s great: The bass line on this thing is so funky you could smell it all the way from Australia – which, incidentally, is where this four-piece disco-pop band are from. Musically heirs to B-52’s or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, their lyrics blast a needy bf for cooking breakfast and wanting to talk all the time.
Summeriest moment: Just before the final chorus, where vocalist Janet Planet commands: “Get down!” You will indeed want to get down.

Just our top five. Of course we're thinking about Lourde and Miley and Arcade Fire and Haim....and others. Come in today for a $2 or $3 brew and convince us. :-)