Red Light District

A stud walks into the bar. All eyes are on him as he saunters over to the bar, leans in and orders a cocktail. The red overhead lighting creates soft shadows on his white tank…

He collects his drink and turns to survey the crowd. He sees an open table a few feet away and with 3 steps he claims the space. He places his elbow down and lifts his chin and takes a long drink. He has (unkowingly?) set himself up in a space with perfect lighting. Lucky guy. He's gonna get luckier when you walk up to him and say hello! ;-)

The lighting creates the sexy mood in Bacchus.

The red lights serve a not so trivial purpose: red light has the lowest visible frequency and helps preserve your night vision and is least likely to over-stimulate the receptors in your eyes. In other words, red light makes the adaptation from the bright Honolulu sun to the cool air conditioned confines of Bacchus (from light to dark) easier.

Find your spot in the light or in the shadows at Bacchus today and/or tonight. Bloody marys, Jack Daniels, and other delicious options await.

Join us. Never a cover. Always fun!