Nutty Nutty Nutty

Throwback Thursday (yes, we still do Throwback Thursday at Bacchus) means $5 Tequila and throwback tunes. One of our favorites is Janet Jackson's 2000 chart-topper Doesn't Really Matter from the "Nutty Professor" (click below to play)

And her lyrics:
Doesn't really matter what the eye is seeing, 'cause I'm in love with the inner being.
Doesn't really matter what they believe; what matters to me is your nutty, nutty, nutty for me.

Every now and then, we celebrate some silly holidays. There's an online calendar and app that indicates which subject the world (or the USA) is celebrating on a particular day.

For those who've clicked that link above, you'll see that today, August 3, 2017 is:

National Grab Some Nuts Day

And, yes, the adolescent boy in your brain is giggling. We might think back to junior high school and the sexual awakening and locker room horseplay.

We conjur up images from Casey Affleck's Dunkin Donuts skit on SNL

So what does National Grab Some Nuts Day really celebrate? There are many 'nut' days throughout the year, Pistachio Day, Almond Day, etc. Today, however, we celebrate them all. And, in all seriousness, a reminder to all men for a self-exam of your testicles. Or someone else's :-)

Come have a Nutty Nutty Nutty time at Bacchus today with tequila and throwback tunes.