Back It Up, Baby

When you read the headline, you probably thought this was a NSFW post about, let's get that out of the way. :-)

Some customers wonder about parking near Bacchus (see below).
A few years ago, the Huffington Post published an article about Honolulu drivers with this headline:

Front wheels out. Back in, head out. Wrong way parking?

We disagreed. Whatever you want to call it, Hawaii drivers seem to back into their parking spaces more often than their mainland counterparts. And while some people say it’s safer, it drives others crazy.

There’s even a theory that this exercise in delayed gratification — doing the hard part upon arrival and saving the easy part for the exit — says something about the island’s economic productivity.

It’s clearly a talking-point issue — all you have to do is search “why do people reverse-park?” in an online search engine and watch the comments queue up like, well, like a line of motorists waiting for someone to gingerly back into a tricky space.

Do you like to back it up? A rear view camera certainly helps.

Most Hawaii parking stalls are narrower than those on the mainland, largely due to the high cost of land. We recommend that you park the way that makes you most comfortable. And, if you're driving to Bacchus, be mindful of your alcohol intake.

When you come to Bacchus, park here:

  1. Ala Wai-Parking is free and there are a few spots available sometimes. Read posted signs.
  2. International Market Place - Discounted parking ($2/hour) for those who make a small purchase (and get their ticket validated) at a vendor within the mall.
  3. Waikiki Parking Garage (333 Seaside- between Kalakaua and Kuhio) - Park here and you'll pay a bit, but it's an easy walk over to Bacchus.
  4. Honolulu Zoo - Sure, it's about a 10 minute walk over to Bacchus, but the $1/hour rate is a great one and worth the adventure.

Hope to see you soon. Today we've got $6 Absolut and great music at 10PM. Drive, walk or skip. We'll be happy to see you.