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Should Bacchus have an Underwear Party? Let us know what you think!

Wear whatever you like today at Bacchus — we've got $6 Jack all day & the best DJs at 10PM.

Men's Health thinks that most guys don't put much thought into their underwear choices. Ahem! It's National Underwear Day (August 5th every year). So we thought we'd retrace some thoughts about men's skivvies. :-)

As gay men, we are alert to fashion and syle, but should we care about the feel? Of course! And the moment we slip on a pair of comfortable boxers or briefs, we realize we’ve been keeping your package cooped up for years.

Take a look at the list of top 17 men's underwear brands on the planet.

And here are some underwear buying tips.

  • Always buy too many. You need to wear one pair per day, so really you only need 7 pairs of underwear, right? So, SO wrong! Even if you're faithful to doing laundry, you always want to have a few extra pairs on hand in case your underwear starts sagging or gets faded. Plus, with 10 to 15 pairs of underwear, you can rotate colors and styles like you would your shirts. Underwear is as important to your personal style as your T-shirts or pants!
  • Shy away from boxers. Boxers are the go-to for guys who want to be uber-comfortable, but they're actually a lot less comfy than you'd think. Between the bunching up and the propensity to get sweaty and soggy, they're not your top pick. Instead, consider another style (see the next section). Bonus: According to GQ Magazine, a lot of women prefer men who wear styles other than boxers!
  • Go lightweight. Unless you're shopping for long johns or thermal underwear, you want fabrics that are lightweight. Cotton is a classic option for boxers, but try boxer briefs or trunks with nylon, rayon, or polyester blends. These materials will help to keep you cool during the hotter months and provide you with snug, supportive comfort.
  • Avoid over-tight underwear. You'll feel the tightness in three places: the waistband, the leg bands, and the crotch. If the underwear are too tight on either your waist or legs, you may cut off proper blood flow. If the crotch is tight, it could increase the heat in your genitals, leading to rashes, excess sweating, and even affected sperm quality.
  • Go a size up. This tip goes hand in hand with the previous tip. If you're buying underwear, always err on the size of a little larger. You can always wear a pair of too-large underwear even if it's a tad loose, but there's no way to squeeze into a pair that's too small. Look for underwear that is a size or two above your belt size just to be sure.

Follow this advice when buying underwear, and you're in for maximum comfort! Come to Bacchus and you're guaranteed to have a great time!