Fruity Goodness

If you didn't already know, tomorrow night is TRIVIA NIGHT at Bacchus. Teams compete in 6 rounds of brain-busting, quizzical questions. Your guest host will be Bobby White.

The theme is Fruit Salad! What could that mean? We're confident that the categories will make sense once you're there. Who's the fruitiest person you've ever met? It's funny that some refer to gay men as "fruity." Of course this moniker was an epithet. And some embraced the label.

Paul Lynde, Rip Taylor and Liberace were in the forefront of those labeled fruity in the 70s.

Paul Lynde's zingers on Hollywood Squares are classic.

And Rip Taylor's "incident" on Super Password is a barrel of laughs!

Last, but not least, Liberace is beyond compare....take a look at his fabulousness.... he never came out of the closet because he was too busy wearing it. ;-) 

In all seriousness, we love these groundbreaking entertainers.

Come to Bacchus today and order up a fruity cocktail! Come to our fruit-themed TRIVIA NIGHT tomorrow and put your fruity knowledge to the test.