Same Same

The two drinks you order (for the price of one) Wednesdays at Bacchus do not have to be the same....just the same level (well or call). If you don't want two at once, you'll get a wooden nickel to use another time. And if you come to Bacchus tonight you'll a great variety of music from one of our amazing DJs.

If you listen to pop music regularly, you've probably been hit with this realization at one point or another – a ton of pop music sounds very similar.

It seems like Bacchus is using grand-dad logic, but a growing body of research confirms what we all suspect: Pop music is actually getting more and more homogenous.

Take a listen to any pair of these six top August 2017 tunes. The artists repeat short, clipped verses in a nasal (almost whining) timbre. If you watch, you'll see an Afro-Latin, booty-shaking influence that it hardly unique.

There's a point at which this becomes tired, and the space opens for something revolutionary — something that totally shifts the way we think about music. If we're aware of these sort of trends and practices, we can better resist what they do to our music. We can champion the genuinely original and leave aside the derivative. We can make a better musical culture.

Who's the next breakthrough pop star? Someone who'll be different. Someone who'll blaze a new path. We're curious about your thoughts.

Let us know today at 2-4-1 Wooden Nickel Wednesdays.