Ask Bacchus: How Do You Like Them Apples?

Do you enjoy draft beer? How about a $2 or $3 selection at Bacchus today. It's Tap Tuesday!

A customer was curious about how we choose our trivia themes. Sometimes they're just random. Other times, we look to the specific date that the event will occur and see if there's anything remarkable about it and go from there.

Eight teams battled at our fruit-themed TRIVIA NIGHT on Monday. Questions ranged from blanc de blanc grapes to Fruit Ninja! When it was all said and done, team Trivially Impaired lost by one point to team I Left My Team to Host Trivia. A fun time for all.

Take a peek at the EVENTS page to see how you would have done in our Trivia rounds 1 and 4. The next TRIVIA NIGHT is Monday, August 21st at 7:00PM; our regular host Ty will return to the stage after a well-deserved rest.