That Time of Year…

Wednesday at Bacchus = 2-4-1 cocktails. Join us today and enjoy your double drinks. :-)

Every year, white parties of all sorts are thrown all across the country to celebrate spring, Easter, the full moon, or the start/middle/end of summer.

The Bacchus White Party is this coming Saturday, September 30th at 9PM.

Traditionally, White Parties are gay circuit party fundraisers at which the standard clothing is all or almost all white. The First White party was held in Chicago in 1974 and these parties (not associated with one another) are now held all around the world.

For the Bacchus White Party, we ask that you wear white t-shirts, tank tops or dress shirts. If you want to take it futher, please do! Nudity, know. The party will be a fundraiser for the Life Foundation of Hawaii as Mr. Gay Pride contestant Randy Cottrell will be on hand selling delicious white Jell-O shots.

So join us for Booze, Music and Fun this Saturday night. Help raise money for a cause that deeply effects the gay community and help us help out a loyal Bacchus customer!

Plan your outfit now. Will you dress simple, sultry or sexy? Here are some ideas...