Honey…What Is This?

Come to Bacchus today for $5 tequila and stay for the much anticipated premiere of Will and Grace at 8PM.

Talk about Throwback Thursday! Will & Grace returns tonight for a ninth season, set eleven years after the last finale - still with a trivial laugh track. The show has become a shorthand for depictions of gayness on television that are way out of fashion:

the gayness of Will & Grace was barely sexual, uniformly caucasian, and profoundly cisgendered, and it stayed that way for eight seasons.

The show did have an endless stream of guest appearances by A-list actors and gay icons like Madonna, Cher, Janet Jackson, Neil Patrick Harris, Seth Green, Elton John, Barry Manilow and many, many more.

Some critics found the writing of Jack’s character homophobic, since he is stereotypically twinky, shallow and narcissistic, and loves to be on the stage.

To this critique we can only sigh from 2017. We’ll see what the show has in store for us tonight. Join us!