Friday Flirting: Reeling Him In

The weekend has arrived. $6 Absolut is the Friday special. We've got your booze, music and fun for the night. Tomorrow is the Bacchus White Party - dress in your sexiest white attire and help us raise money for the Honolulu Life Foundation ($2 Jell-O shots) and Randy Cottrell’s bid to become Mr. Gay Pride 2017. Never a cover! Always fun!

Last night’s Will & Grace reboot party was a great success. Let’s do it again next Thursday! We noticed the scene where Jack was flirting with the Secret Service agent and, sure, he found it easy, but imagine if they were in Waikiki, on towels, in speedos…

You’re not sure how to deal with flirting with a hot man at the beach. So we put together five tips to help you to hone your game specifically at the beach.

Don’t Hover — Approach Immediately
The beach isn’t Bacchus on a weekend, but approaching and flirting with guys on the shore is no different than approaching them at 408 Lewers. As soon as you notice him, he’s definitely noticed you, so approach confidently and immediately to have the best introduction possible.

A Smile Is Your Best Friend
You always want to keep things light when you first approach. The best way to do that is with a great smile on your whole face, not just your mouth. SMIZE! Keeping things light is essential, especially at a place like the beach where coming on too strong can kill your whole game. And while we’re on the subject of game killers…

Go Easy on the Physical Compliments
He already knows that you’re attracted to him — that’s why you went up to him in the first place. So if you give him a compliment (which you should do) do it after you’ve been chatting and flirting with him a bit and make it something about his personality: He’s funny, charming, seems adventurous. Whatever. Men want to know that you’re interested in who they are as a person, not just what they look like.

Get His Number Fast
Get his number once you reach a high point in the interaction. Let him know that you want to get together sometime, hand him your phone, ready to accept his number and tell hims that you need his number to get in touch.

Text Him Right Away
Text something memorable like “I’m Kahuna, the guy in the Speedos ;-D” or “I’m Kahuna, the guy who plays flag football. ;-D” Emoticons can be especially helpful to let him know that you’re being playful and flirting. You may reveal the trivial translation of Kahuna is ”priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, minister, expert in any profession.” :-)

Flirting at the beach can be fun and exciting. Make plans to meet him at Bacchus for booze, music, fun and the friendliest service in Waikiki.

You'll be glad you did.