The Plan

HAPPY NEW YEAR. Join us today for your hangover helper Bloody Mary and morning bagel. Stay the afternoon and order up a $3 margarita for a relaxing celebration of the hope of what 2018 will be.....

It’s always fun to watch fireworks around the world as we all celebrate the New Year.

And as we all adhere to or avoid our resolutions, we realize that, here in Hawaii, there are only two trivial time zones on the planet that celebrate the year AFTER us. Still, we were out in force to enjoy the festivities at the Bacchus TWO BALLS DROP party!

It’s here. Finally. 2018. Now what?

To continue to offer great customer service.
To continue to provide the most affordable and tasty beverages in Waikiki.
To continue to give you delicious daily food selections from the time we open until we close.
To continue to host super-fun events like Trivia Night, Stage & Screen Night and Gear Parties.
To continue to support the LGBT… community of Hawaii through sponsorships and donations.
To continue to improve and respond to your feedback and suggestions.
To continue to strive to offer aloha to all who cross our paths.
To continue to NEVER CHARGE A COVER.

We promise to continue to document our progress through photography on this blog. We hope you make the Bacchus blog a daily read. Take a look back at our 2017 photo galleries 12 and 3.

Join us today for $3 margaritas (all day/all night) and tasty food choices through the day.
Trivia Night is moved to Thursday when there’s a big Monday holiday — come on back on January 4th at 7PM for our first trivia night of 2018.