Spontaneous Combustion

2-4-1 well drinks and $2 off call drinks at Bacchus every Wednesday! Join us for our new tasty menu with items available from 9AM - 2AM.

Getting out of your comfort zone and injecting some spontaneity into your routine can keep things unpredictable and fun.

There’s a special way of managing time - being free and open with it.

This one guy.... he makes three or four different plans for Wednesday at 7 or for Sunday afternoon. Soon he realizes he’s double- and/or triple-booked. No problem - he just starts canceling. He tells one person that he has a work deadline and tells someone else that there’s bad traffic. That’s okay, the other guy you were supposed to hang with has a ‘bad tummy.’

Eventually everything is canceled and he’s got nothing to do. Oddly, he’s getting happier and happier.

So the perfect idea comes to him. He wants a cocktail right now.

“Do you wanna meet me at Bacchus,” he writes, “are you FREE?”

He texts the one person he absolutely wants to hang out with and that guy is free and will meet up with him at seven because exactly the same ‘cancel’ thing happened to him. Soon they’re both waiting in the queue for 2-4-1 vodka cranberries at Bacchus. Both excited to be out and you catch up and dish about Harry and Meghan’s upcoming trivial royal wedding in May.

Bacchus encourages you to be spontaneous (you won’t explode!)
Often a lack of spontaneity leads to feelings of loneliness. We think everyone else is out having fun and you're stuck at home. Yet, when you're thinking of making plans, you go solo.

If you need to be spontaneous, invite people along for simple things.

If a few drinks on the Bacchus lanai is an average night for you, it can suddenly be a significant event if it includes an old friend. Catch up, make plans to do more.