After That — I Need a Stiff Drink!

Wow! What a crazy morning! Several minutes of panic followed by a sign of relief! A reminder to seize the day and live your life to the fullest because you never know.... But also a nod to the mantra of a football coach that would have prevented this panic, “DO YOUR JOB!”

Join us today for football, booze, music and fun and tonight for the spectacuular DJ Takai at 10PM. No cover!

The NFL Divisional Playoffs are today and the allegiances of Hawaiians may be mixed. There are many local Patriots fans and there are (probably) more Tennessee fans - namely, Mariota fans!

Celebrate (there is no ballistic missile) with us at Bacchus with Jack Daniel's – a brand of Tennessee whiskey and the top selling American whiskey in the world. But maybe you have different tastes.... like bourbon....

Bourbon is having a popularity resurgence; it’s become a go-to drink for the refined gentleman.

For many, it has knocked Scotch out of the top liquor spot due to its affordability and unique flavors. If you’re a bourbon fan yourself, or are thinking of venturing into the flavorful and historical world of this beverage, but have found yourself spending too much money on a bottle that you didn’t truly enjoy, read on....

On May 4th, 1964, the United States Congress passed a not-so-trivial resolution, ratifying a Kentucky senator’s proposal designating bourbon as the native spirit of the United States.

The resolution codified the industry standards for production and made the claim that anything labeled and sold as bourbon had to be made exclusively within the boundaries of the United States. This particular piece of legislation, along with differences in the grain mash recipes, differentiates bourbon from Scotch, Irish, Japanese, and other types of whiskeys.

A good stiff drink of Jack Daniels (any flavor) is only $6 every Saturday at Bacchus!

Join us for football, booze, music, food and fun and DJ Vaughn. No cover at Bacchus – ever!