Motivation, Concentration, Exploration…

Three days into 2018 and we’re remembering our resolutions. Still gotta make some? One of them should be to relax at Bacchus at least 2 or 3 times per week. Wednesdays is a great option because you can drink and save! 2-4-1 well drinks all day and night. And don’t forget our delicious new food menu that includes comfort food like mac & cheese and flatbread pizzas!

Resolutions are a beautiful reminder that the new year is a clean slate and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

It’s important to remember to dedicate time to think back on the last year and look forward to what you want to accomplish in this year. Setting resolutions is about more than making a wish when the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve.

The Ol’ 1-2
Don’t overwhelm yourself by setting an unattainable list of items you’d love to see happen. Prioritize 1-2 main goals and then develop action items to accompany them. While it may seem difficult to do when you have a list of resolutions, it’s important to understand and rank which you need to emphasize.

Rungs On The Ladder
If you’re focusing on wellness, make your goal about improving overall wellness and then set achievable and measurable benchmarks to accompany that goal, like “drink 8 glasses of water per day” or “go to the gym twice per week.” By defining specific ways you can reach your goal (always include a number), it will be easier to track your progress! Don’t set yourself up to fail with unattainable benchmarks. You can always readjust your goals to fit once you see how well it all balances.

They Just Keep Moving The Line*
It’s easy to feel discouraged or beaten down, so prepare for and anticipate hurdles. Plan ahead and schedule a massage, pedicure, sailing trip, hike - whatever calms you. If you can properly prepare for moments of discouragement, you can easily get yourself back on track!

Fulfilling your resolution(s) will take motivation, concentration and some exploration. And most of all, patience. Find your relaxing time at Bacchus. Enjoy booze, music, food and fun any/every day of the week. Enjoy our daily video selections. Test yourself on Trivia Night. Sing along to the songs on Stage & Screen Night. Meet friends, make friends. Never pay a cover charge. We’re here for you!

*They Just Keep Movin’ The Line....where have I heard that trivial lyric before????? It’s a song you can hear on Stage & Screen Night AND tomorrow night's Trivia. :-)