Tequila Mockingbird

It’s National Trivia Day! And of course, tonight at 7PM we host our first Trivia Night of 2018! Our theme is Movies, Music and Theater and you’re gonna fly through the first few rounds! If you want to sail through Round 4, check out our blog posts from 12/20 through 01/03. We have food service all day with delicious selections and, as a reminder, every Thursday, all tequila is only $5 at Bacchus.

The right trivia team name can make or break you! A good trivia team name might be your best bet on making a good impression with the host or the crowd (especially if you know more about beer than movies or theater). No matter how smart you are, the team name can be the great equalizer. The most common team name of all time: Tequila Mockingbird!

These sexy, tequila-drinking hunks would be great team mates, right?

Thinking back twenty-five years ago, it would have been absurd to think a tequila could be just as sought after as a scotch or cognac. It’s commonplace today, and Patrón is widely credited with changing that perception of tequila.

Years ago, tequila was a spirit you’d only put in a Margarita or maybe a Tequila Sunrise, if you weren’t shooting it with salt and lime to kill the taste. But an ultra-premium tequila is a sophisticated, flavorful, high-quality tequila that is delicious on the rocks (without the salt and lime), and also mixes perfectly into any number of cocktails.

Pretty much anything you can typically make with vodka, tastes great with premium tequila instead. There seems to be a “premiumization” of tequila, it’s being led by consumer awareness and by bartenders who are creating some truly inventive and delicious cocktails.

All Tequila is only $5 every Thursday (that’s today!) at Bacchus.

Soup up your tequila cocktail with other liquors (like a top shelf margarita) and it’s only $7.