We’re a week into 2018.

Have you made your millions? Do you have those washboard abs yet? Have you stuck to your more realistic resolutions? Business Insider trivially reports that 80% of those who make New Year’s resolutions will have failed by February. The most likely cause of resolution failure is that we seek distractions.

Distractions give us immediate positive gratification. Technology has really increased this problem. Smart phones, social media, video games, or any other technological vice is so easy to access (usually right in your pocket) that it takes a lot of effort not to head for these forms of instant gratification. Here’s the scenario: you’re at a beautiful beach and there’s a huge wave just about to crash into the shore and you’re on your phone.....UGH!

Another distraction is unhealthy eating....

That’s why Bacchus has some great and comforting and healthy food options on our new menu. Sure, we know that cocktails and beer can also be a distraction.

Our recommendation?
Identify your most common distractions and make it as hard as possible to do them (put your phone in a drawer in another room, uninstall Candy Crush, take the batteries out of the remote control).

Make it as easy as possible to engage in the task you are trying to accomplish (create a pleasant work station, leave your gym clothes in the car). Before you know it, you’ll have survived February and made it through the year.

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