Let Me Get You Something To Drink…

Wednesdays: 2-4-1 Well Drinks, $2 off Call Drinks; DJ Takai at 10PM. No Cover—Ever.

What’ll it be?

Ordering a bartender's signature cocktail might earn you a slight nod of approval, but your Bacchus barkeep is much happier to make you something you're not going to regret spending money on. If you're looking for drink advice, give a few hints as to what you enjoy or ask what the bartender would be drinking if they were on the other side of the bar. And with 2-4-1 cocktails today, it’s a great day to try out something new.

Bartenders are the ultimate givers of both verbal and liquid empathy, but if you haven’t been behind the bar yourself, it can be hard to understand that the job is more than being a professional bottle lifter.

Bartenders do everything at once. A home-cocktail-enthusiast might be able to make a good Manhattan, but it's an entirely different thing to make three at once while taking a beer order, running a credit card, and being eye-pulled by 10 customers. Most decent bartenders can multi-task like maniacs, good ones can do it while keeping their drinks to a high standard, and only the best can pull it off while maintaining a hospitable smile.

You're not paying a bartender for their time, you're paying them for a way to waste yours. So advice from a bartender seems to come with the same air of authority as a professional counselor, but without the baggage of a ticking clock.

Bartending is a real craft that takes dedication to master. It’s a career that people choose and one that requires as much commitment as any other. Come meet the bartenders at Bacchus!
Say hello to Andrew, Brett, Bryant, David, Joey, Josh, Julie, Luke, Tim M, and Tim S.

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