Halloween Boos & Booze.....

Happy Halloween! Come to Bacchus for special Halloween cocktails (2-4-1 is moved to Thursday this week only). What’s your costume for the day? Macho man? Drag queen? Playful Clown? Wait ‘playful?’! What?

There’s no doubt that clowns give us the creeps!

For a few trivial months in 2016, creepy clowns terrorized America, with sightings of actual clowns in at least 10 different states.

These fiendish clowns reportedly tried to lure women and children into the woods, chased people with knives and machetes, and yelled at people from cars. They were spotted hanging out in cemeteries and they were caught in the headlights of cars as they appear alongside desolate country roads in the dead of night.

Studies suggest that clown phobias are fueled by the fact that clowns wear makeup and disguises that hide their true identities and feelings.

Clowns seem to be happy, but are they really? And they’re mischievous, which puts people constantly on guard. People interacting with a clown during one of his routines never know if they are about to get a pie in the face or be the victim of some other humiliating prank. The highly unusual physical characteristics of the clown (the wig, the big red nose, the makeup, the odd clothing) only magnify the uncertainty of what the clown might do next.

In general, we’re more comfortable with the otherwise creepy, in-your-face, spooky characters with claws, fangs and butcher knives. Nevertheless all characters with BOOs or not are welcome today and tonight while they’re drinking Bacchus BOOZE.



Did somebody say “booze”?

The amazing DJ Takai in disguise is spinning at 10PM. Cameras will be flashing - drinks will be flowing - memories will be made and lost….

MOVEMBER starts tomorrow at noon. Our month-long fundraiser for the men’s health foundation. We’ll be selling mustaches and pins and donating $2 for every pint of Mango Cart Ale sold during the month.