There's Still Time To Prepare!

If you think you're just going to roll up to the table on Thanksgiving and eat whatever you want without any foresight, you need to reevaluate your plan. That stomach of yours needs to be prepped, stretched, and hungry when you arrive at the table.

The day before a big meal, competitive eaters like Joey Chestnut (frequent and most-recent winner of the trivial Nathan’s Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest) taper what they eat. They go on a mostly liquid diet (see where we’re going here?), and they eat smaller portions. This works out to be about four small meals the day before TG. A small meal could mean a handful of nuts, or a small cup of yogurt, 1/2 of a Bacchus sandwich or an entire Bacchus flatbread pizza.

We know you won’t be competing tomorrow, but prime your body by enjoying our 2-4-1 well drinks or $2 off call drinks today. The special is valid from the time we open until last call. DJ Takai spins at 10PM.

Make some Thanksgiving memories at Bacchus! No cover! Always fun!