Get Some Sun!

This is the time of year that Hawaiians (or visitors to Hawaii) notice that sun is setting earlier. Though we’re missing long summer nights, fall is a great time to check in with our bodies.

Here are two tips so you can gracefully enter the colder months here in the islands. Feel well rested & energized as ever with these fall rituals…

Get some sun
If the darker season tends to make you tired, get outside when you can. An afternoon walk in the sun can be energizing and invigorating. Today, you can enjoy a $5 tequila drink on the Bacchus lanai.

Don’t skip exercise
Studies show that people who exercise during the day often sleep better at night. Climbing stairs at 408 Lewers counts as exercise!

There’s no doubt that if you follow this advice, you’ll feel well rested & energized as ever.

Keep in mind that fall and winter on Oahu aren’t really cold. There’s plenty of warmth here in Hawaii. The warmth comes from above and below.

Trivia fans may know that the center of the Earth and the outer surface of the Sun share the same temperature of 6,000°C. And trivia fans should show up at our next Trivia Night on Monday, December 3rd at 7PM. Click the image below for more details!