R & R

Rest & Relaxation:
Jack & Coke, Rum & Coke, Seven & Seven, Vodka & Soda, Gin & Tonic, Scotch & Soda….

So many choices for two-ingredient cocktails! But your Bacchus Wednesday 2-4-1 Well cocktails do not have to be just 2 ingredients! Order what you like! If it’s a call liquor, then you get $2 off the price! Order one in the afternoon or after work, or when DJ Takai spins tonight (starting at 10PM). No cover! :-)

It’s great to have options and choices. And wouldn’t it be easier if choosing a partner were as easy as shopping for groceries! Speaking of labels…..whatever happened to the Hanky Code?

First popularized in the '70s, the Hanky Code began as a sly way to showcase sexual preferences for a community still largely in the closet. Black, blue, red, purple, and many other colors of hankies found their way into the back pockets of the LGBTQ community. This was a rich tradition that helped bring people together during one of the darkest periods in our history and yet, the Hanky Code’s legacy has been largely forgotten by today's young gays who find sex with a tap, click, and “send location.”

A comedian recently had an update on the Hanky Code (click below to play).


No hankies necessary today/tonight at Bacchus.
Come on in for booze, music, food and fun! DJ Takai at 10PM, too!