Fridaying: When you are dying to get out of work on Friday and cannot focus on anything work related. Or to celebrate the end of the week with libations, in a relaxed atmosphere (Bacchus).

Perhaps you’re thinking about the party you’re going to, a sexy man you’re going to meet or an amazing TV episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race you’re dying to watch. You’re unable to focus on trivial things because your adrenaline level is too high and you are overstimulated. Attention in relation to adrenaline follows an upside-down U-curve. When you have too little adrenaline, you are understimulated, and feel apathetic. When you have too much adrenaline, you are overstimulated and feel anxious.

A delicious cocktail of Tito’s vodka with a soda and lemon or lime might be the relaxing elixir to calm your nerves. And today, they’re only $6 at Bacchus!

Does anticipating the brilliance of Rupaul’s Drag Race’s Snatch Game make you excited? Well come on up to Bacchus today at 6PM; we’re showing it on all screens and stereo sound!

Later tonight, VJ Matt spins his DIVAS mixes and shows off his brilliant video creations. There’s never a cover charge at Bacchus (not even on New Year’s Eve!) Join us!

The countdown to 2019 has begun. Two Balls Drop on Monday night (7PM and midnight). Plan on getting to Bacchus early to get your spot, noisemakers and hats! You’ll be glad you did!