Shake It Like You Mean It!

The end of the year is an amazing time for parties and celebrations! Last night we hosted a birthday party for a favorite customer, Davin! Happy Birthday to YOU!

DJ Takai kept the crowd smiling and moving to the beat! Today, we’ve got Randy and NFL games in the early AM. Tomorrow, it’s TWO BALLS DROP! The first ball drops at 7PM; the second at midnight. Be there for the countdown. Shake it up for the New Year!

Make it your goal to not simply get drunk, but to enjoy a few good drinks with friends!

The truth is that many potent cocktails taste better with a little dilution. The water opens up the flavors, helps them blend into a single flavor, and tames the alcohol to a point where it's palatable and more enjoyable. This is why many whiskey connoisseurs and experts add a splash of water when sipping whiskey straight.

Water is a good thing. If you want a drink that gives you a shock, stick to shots. If you want a drink to experience, use your shaker.

Speaking of shaking…shaking a cocktail isn’t just for show.

Any cocktail that includes syrup, juice, and other non-spirit ingredients needs to be shaken, because those ingredients don’t readily combine with the alcohol in strong spirits. Add ice to the shaker, and you chill the drink rapidly. Ice also slightly dilutes the cocktail as it melts, letting other flavors shine through.

Have your Bacchus bartender shake up a cocktail for you today, tomorrow or whenever you visit! Enjoy booze, music, food and fun with us. There’s never a cover and it’s always a good time!