Forever Fabulous

We all have special people in our lives - the ones who are the life of the party. How do they get that way?

Here are two hints for a single guy to get more attention at a bar.

Talk to people, crack jokes, and make sure that others feel your presence. This is a good strategy when the party is not too crowded. If you stand out when the room is not full yet, others will remember you as the outgoing one who is always prepared to ensure that others have a jolly old time. They will come looking for you once the joint gets packed.

A lot of people talk the talk and plan ambitiously before a party. These are the people who are standing with their backs against the walls and nursing their drinks. What you want to do is think less and act more. Again, not exactly rocket science, but hard to execute. Handsome single men are open to being approached, but unfortunately, rarely are. Just do it!

Think back to some free spirit characters in the movies and literature....Fictional trivial besties Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone, played by Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, guided legions of gay men into the light. They taught many how to be a free spirit, why a wallet, not a toaster, is better suited to carry cash, the power of a heavy pour, and, most importantly, the value of having friends.

Come to Bacchus today with your friends and/or make new friends. We’ve got a make-your-own bloody mary bar and some tasty sandwiches and pizzas.

Come back tomorrow night for TRIVIA NIGHT at 7PM! Booze, Music, Food, Fun and Friends! Bacchus is the place for it all!

Thanks to Ty for the photos. :-)