Ask Bacchus: Champions

Champions? If you’re curious about last night’s TRIVIA recap, click here. Thirteen teams competed for the coveted trophy photo and drink chips. It was a laugh and a half. Below are some photos, and there are more on our Trivia Night page.

Most of you know that every Tuesday at Bacchus, our special is $3 tap beer. It's a great bargain for beer lovers. We offer 12 selections and rotate a few out each month while keeping the most popular/best sellers (the champs).

At larger bars with more tap handles, too many choices can be overwhelming or intimidating to a less-experienced beer drinker. We think the solution is a smaller, tighter draft menu. We focus our selections, making sure everything that’s flowing really deserves to be there. There’s nowhere for a “just okay” IPA to hide.

A small list is more of a challenge, but it also allows us to steer customers to newer, fresher beers that they might not think to order when browsing a longer menu all while maintaining the champion best sellers.

Variety is the key. It’s all about making sure there’s a variety of benchmark flavor profiles that people love to drink all the time, from pilsner to porter to IPAs. At Bacchus, we do our best to keep our tap beers interesting and we do like to offer local options.

Come check out our selection of 12 $3 Tuesday Tap Beers.