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The full moon brings so much light and we give it so much symbology. We sing about the romance of moon dances, and worry that the full moon might make us, or the world around, crazy.

The Moon has always been in our stories, whether nursery rhymes or darker tales. Clouds unfurl from the face of the full moon and a man becomes a werewolf. Vampires lurk, magic potions burble, bats take wing. Given these tales of night terrors, we might think that predators prefer the full moon’s light to stalk their prey.

For millennia, humans have wondered if the Moon pulls at us with something more than its reflected light…

In other words, does a full moon make us more horny?

For most part, the influence of the full moon on our sexual life has been linked to the internal changes that a person undergoes during the full moon phase. It has been observed that aggression, anxiety and romance are at their peak during the full moon phase. So, the connection of the full moon with our sexual life is mental for the major part.

So, does the hormonal change drive the sexual beast inside a person?

Perhaps, it’s the combination of mental and hormonal changes that have an influence on the sexual life of human beings. Alcohol can only enhance these changes and make you more horny!

Don’t forget that the power of a person’s imagination; your fantasies cannot be undermined on all accounts. When combined with the mystic power of full moon, a romantic relationship attains new high. So, the energy derived from the full moon can have great influence on human beings. And if it takes you too far, then a trivial friend or loved one may slap you across the face like Cher did to Nicolas Cage in 1989s Moonstruck (click the image below to play).

Bring your fantasies and appetite to Bacchus today and tonight!