Bold & Fearless

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Some of our earliest childhood memories are of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. She traipses through the woods to visit grandma all while a lusty wolf lurks in the shadows...

Other tales tell of enchanted forests, mystical jungles and even fantastic trees... It’s no wonder that we grow up thinking these places hold secret powers—the ability to serve as our oasis, escape hatch and even secret fantasy land.

Lumberjack fantasies notwithstanding, gay men have always been drawn to the woods - to explore, to hike to discover, and yes, to cruise.

Here in Hawaii, woods and forests cover vast swaths of the islands. Wander the well worn paths and you will discover a wonderful world of flora and fauna.

In your wanderings you will come across a remarkable tree. The Acacia Koa is a species of flowering tree in the trivial pea family. It is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. The highest populations of Koa trees are on the Big Island, Maui and Oʻahu.

Koa Wood is legendary in Hawaii. Not only is this amazing wood native to Hawaii but it is known for the deep rich colors and varied grain pattern. Koa has honored heritage here in Hawaii and is highly revered and sacred. The word “koa” means “bold,” “fearless,” “warrior” in Hawaiian.

If they could speak, the Koa trees of Hawaii would tell tales of war and peace and, most likely clandestine encounters. Shhh....we won’t tell. :-)

We hope your Hawaii adventures take you off the beaten path and into the woods....and then back to Waikiki.

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