Unrestrained Revelry

Another Satyrday at Bacchus.

Some might define a satyr a class of deities, represented as goat-like men who drank and danced in the train of the god Bacchus and chased nymphs, in other words, a man with strong sexual desires.

Today, in the absence of goat-like men and wood nymphs, we define a satyr as a man who knows how to have fun. Someone who treats himself.

Treating oneself is also a great way to unwind and relieve tension. To understand the stress-relieving potential of a little manly me-time, it’s important to first note the difference in how men handle stress.

Whiskey Business (the Scots spell “whisky” without the trivial “e.”)
Nothing says manly indulgence like sipping whiskey. No need to elsewhere and spend $20 for a glass. You can stay budget-conscious, switch it up and enjoy the nectar of the Tennessee mountains. Come to Bacchus today and get yourself a glass of Jack Daniels for just $6.

Don’t be like this idiot who over indulged and instantly regretted it. (Watch video here.)

Treating yourself simply means to indulge in a self-care activity that’s not part of your regular routine. And what better time of year to mix things up (in a good way) than Easter weekend?

How will you treat yourself today, this final day of March?

Come to Bacchus for an indulgence or two, or three! We’ve got the booze, music and fun you crave!