Two Things About Gay Bars

Many years ago, someone stated:

“For every subject, there are really only two things you really need to know. Everything else is the application of those two things, or just not important.”

The example often used is about the stock market: 1. Buy low; 2. Sell high. The concept has been stretched and extrapolated to many situations and professions. Today, on our 2-4-1 well drink/$2 off call drink Wednesday, when the number 2 is front of mind, we wonder: What are the Two Things about Gay Bars?

  1. They need to be place where we can go and be ourselves in an unfiltered situation without judgment.

  2. They need excellent staff.

We hope Bacchus is your cozy, comfortable place to relax and be yourself. When Bacchus is full of people who clearly know the place well, chances are it is the center of a strong community. This usually means that the people are loyal to the bar, and the bar is loyal to its people, which, to us, is a very good sign that we’ve achieved number one on the list above.

Great bars are distinguished by the fact that they do a lot of things very well. Great music, good vibe, delicious cocktails, friendly service, cool room, great graphics. This can’t be done without the right people.

Come have a cocktail (or two) today and enjoy some of the best music in town tonight and there’s never a cover charge—more reasons to make Bacchus the stop on your day/night out in Waikiki.