Ask Bacchus: Rewarding Yourself

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What’s key to creating good habits and achieving your goals?

A pint of beer. Totally serious.

According to Charles Duhigg, author of the bestseller The Power of Habit, if you add a little celebratory reward after engaging in a good habit you want to build, it’s a powerful reinforcer.

Did you go running this morning and want to make sure you go again tomorrow? He suggests treating yourself to a glass of Pilsner after today’s run.

The research shows that every habit has three components. There’s the cue, which is a trigger for an automatic behavior to start. Then, a routine, which is the behavior itself. Finally, a reward. The reward is really important because that’s how your brain essentially learns to latch onto a particular pattern and make it automatic. A spiked beverage after exercising is an obvious example of a reward that many people enjoy. It doesn’t have to be beer. What matters is that if you want to make a behavior into a habit, you need to give yourself something you enjoy as soon as that behavior is done.

Sound too simple to be effective? Wrong. Little celebrations for small accomplishments make a huge difference in motivation for even the toughest tasks.

Music is a powerful motivator. Whether you need an energy boost or you want to wind down while you’re rewarding yourself. Here are some of our favorites...

Whether you’re into country and a little LeAnn Womack, let it go with Luba, find energy in the 6 jobs of Kevin Gates, or go the trivial distance with Cake…reward yourself!