Lessons From Your Momma!

Thursdays at Bacchus means RuPaul at 5 and $5 Tequila · all tequila · all day & all night. Tonight, the queens photobomb celebs in the mini challenge and must serve three looks for the maxi challenge. Here’s a sneak peek. Who are you rooting for? The slyest? The smartest? The sexiest? The biggest risk taker?

Drag queens are smart, resourceful performers who never shy away from taking creative risks and being themselves.

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Be yourself.

In fact, we would argue that drag queens are role models, capable of giving much better life advice than any of those Dr. Phil types. There are numerous life lessons we can learn from the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

You don’t have to rely on being pretty. You shouldn’t care what other people think of you. You should support others. You should love yourself. You should take risks.

When trivial season 4 contestant Sharon Needles came stomping down the runway looking like a Walking Dead extra, viewers and contestants alike were in complete awe of her styling decision. Throughout the season, her competitors constantly judged her for her ghoulish and unconventional style, calling her a Party-City-shopping goth. She went on to win the season.

Life Lesson: Every risk is an opportunity to showcase uniqueness, adaptability and tenacity.

But just because we aren’t strutting our stuff looking like a gym Adonis doesn’t mean we can’t take creative risks in our own lives! The next time you’re asked for an idea or you’re presented with a new opportunity, take the risk!

Bacchus embraces everyone. You’re all welcome! Join us today for tequila, Ru, food and fun, fun, fun!