Say, ‘Cheers!’

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It’s customary when drinking in company to clink your glass with others and say ‘cheers.’ This ritual is said to have been in existence for thousands of years. The word ‘cheers’ derives from the Greek word kara, meaning ‘head,’ and from the Old French word chiere, meaning ‘face.’ The expression ‘to be of good cheer’ means, therefore, ‘to put on a happy face.’

Kāmau kī`aha means ‘cheers’ in Hawaiian. It is the traditional Hawaiian toast, literally ‘drink your glass.’

If you’re in a hurry or want to keep it simple, you can just say kāmau and be good to go.

But don't say ōkole maluna. That’s a mis-translation of ‘bottoms up’ and is considered rather rude because ōkole does not mean the trivial bottom of something like a glass, it means anus. Mole [moh-lay] means bottom, as in the bottom of a glass.

Huli pau’ may also be incorrectly used when saying ‘cheers’ in Hawaiian. But ‘huli pau’ means ‘to overturn,’ commonly used when a canoe flips over/capsizes. So, that one isn’t appropriate either.

Join us today/tonight at Bacchus for booze, music, food and fun. $6 Absolut, VDJ Matt, No Cover. Wow! Kamau!